Future Technology

Technology is growing vastly day by day with new kinds of inventions and discoveries leading to lessen human efforts and introduce more of computerised technological work in every extreme. Introduction and advancement of technology in the society has been both a boon and bane for people. New technologies helped in the betterment of the human race in many fields such as medicine, engineering, entertainment,etc. But on the other hand the advancement of technology also made the human race lazy and gave them a much easy lifestyle than required. 

Unlike in olden days where people used to send letters and telegrams to convey their messages nowadays people convey their messages, transfers funds and pays bills online through the help of this technologies. 


Nanorobotics or nanobots is considered as the future of medical science. Nanorobotics are basically the robot technology combined with the biotechnology leading to the creation of complex robots of very small sizes. These robots being nano in nature helps to mimic and understand human behaviour. Many researchers, engineers and doctors believe that the application of nanobots are practically unlimited.It is said that by 2050 nanobot could get plugged into human brains into cloud3 and will give us full view of virtual reality from within the neuro system. By this we will be able to expand our neocortex and forget about the memory problems, evidence problems, etc. 

Artificial Intelligence

One of the most feared and dangerous yet useful development in the field of technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence or virtual intelligence is basically a way of making a computer or a particular software think in a manner a human might think or sometimes even beyond human thoughts. It is a combination of science, philosophy, psychology and computers. The scope in this field is disputed as machines become increasingly capable and tasks considered as requiring “intelligence” are being eliminated from the definition, a phenomenon known as the AI or virtual Intelligence effect. 

Furthermore, technologies like these will lead to loss of over 2.5 million jobs and will leave half the country unemployed. Technologies like these will not only change the work life of the world but our planet Earth will also have to pay the cost of this evolution in the way the work will be conducted and the technology will work. One of the most important changes we are currently witnessing is the switch done from a specific role within a company shifting from the corporate ladder to a multi-dimensional lattice pattern of movement throughout a company.

As we all look into the future, the ability and capability of a single individual to provide a successful sight of how the future will change by looking at previous attempts made by the scientists and researchers. However, technology will have various effects on our lives. The one included here have been created on the basis of the reports of experts from around the world.

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